How do you take a screen shot using your Samsung Galaxy S20

As with previous phones from the Galaxy S series, there are a variety of options for taking screenshots using Samsung Galaxy S20. Certain of them are simpler than others. This is a brief overview of the various methods for taking screenshots with a Samsung Galaxy S20 screenshot.

There are a variety of ways to capture a screenshot with Samsung Galaxy S20 devices. Samsung Galaxy S20 devices. The easiest method is to use phones buttons. Go to the webpage you wish to capture by pressing and holding the volume down button as well as the power button simultaneously. There are other techniques like tapping your palm to capture, Smart Capture, Google Assistant, Bixby, and other options.

Section 1 – Press the buttons

It is the most commonly used method of taking a screenshot and it is, in general it is compatible with every Android smartphones. Simply press and hold down the volume and power buttons at the same time and the image will be taken within a couple of seconds.

Section 2 – Palm swipe gesture

Capturing a screen shot with Samsung’s Galaxy S20 with a palm swipe might feel odd at first when you attempt it however, you’ll be able to master it fairly quickly. This option must be turned on first by going in settings > advanced Features > > Motion and Gestures Palm swipe to take a screenshot. Swipe the sides of your hand across the Display from the left side to the right, or in reverse to capture the image.

Section 3 : Smart capture

This method of taking screenshots with the Galaxy S20 screenshot lets you capture the whole page of a site instead of only what you are able to see on the screen. Be sure to activate these Galaxy S20 screenshot method by selecting settings > advanced features > screen shots and Screen Recorder The Screenshot Toolbar.

It is best to start by taking a normal image by pressing and pressing the volume as well as power button at the same time (method one) or using an abrasive swipe (method two). A couple of options will appear on the lower right on the page. Choose „Scroll capture“ and keep tapping to keep scrolling through the webpage. It is possible that your Galaxy S20 will take multiple images of the page, and stitch them together to produce your final image.

Section 4 – Use Bixby

Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant allows you to take the Galaxy S20 screenshot with a simple voice command. Press and hold the phone’s designated Bixby button and then say „Take a screenshot.“ You can also ask Bixby to snap a picture simply by saying „Hi Bixby,“ but you’ll need to configure the feature first. Go to Bixby home Settings > Wake-up voice.

Section 5 – Use Google Assistant

Alongside Bixby In addition to Bixby, Galaxy S20 phones also have Bixby. Galaxy S20 phones all have Google Assistant on board. This allows you to take screenshots using the voice command. You just need to say „OK Google,“ to launch Google Assistant. You can then say „Take a screenshot,“ or type the command using the keyboard.

Section 6 – Smart Select

Samsung’s Smart Select feature is great when you want to take a certain portion of the content that is displayed in the display. You can capture a screen using two designs (square and oval) and then create the GIF. Be sure that this feature is turned on in your settings before you start. To determine if it’s switched on, go towards Settings > Edge screen > Display Edge panel.

Start the Edge panel by tapping to the right from the side and then selecting „Smart Select.“ Select the shape you’d like to capture your screenshot (square or oval) and then select the area you wish to record, and then click „Done.“