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The LG GX Gallery Series OLED is an engineering marvel and is a home cinema enthusiast’s desire. If you can afford the cash to hire an installer to cover the cables and a theater in your home to install it the perfect place, you’ll have a stunning TV, both inside and outside. Pros Beautiful picture quality Amazing scaling up Tremendous feature set NextGen TV ATSC 3.0 tuner Cons Not as bright as LED-LCD TVs. Prompt professional installation Imbalanced audio performance A slightly reflective glass surface 30-second review LG Gallery Series GXOLED the home cinema enthusiast’s dream with a stunning flatscreen with all the latest specifications and standards that range from Dolby Vision to Atmos and even Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as Chromecast integrated up to AirPlay 2.0. The exterior is an engineering marvel and design, inside is the new LG Alpha a9 Gen. 3 processor, which adds…

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